Knee Clicking – The Fastest Solution

 How I Solved my Knee Clicking and Pain WITHOUT SURGERY

Knee Clicking Solution

Knee clicking is the sign of a bigger problem than you think. You may think knee clicking is just “something that comes with age” but that’s not true at all. It’s just one of the few signs of muscle and joint inflammation which WILL lead to pain and possibly immobility down the road if not taken care of.

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Inflammation causes cartilage breakdown, which causes the clicking sound including possibly some pain. It’s also the number one cause of knee clicking, knee pain and joint pain in general. Actually, clinical studies show that inflammation is the cause of MOST joint pain!

Inflammation luckily is easily cured naturally through simple, daily exercise routines and even some supplements depending on how severe the inflammation is. Either way it’s an easy thing to stop, and stop permanently. I think I’ve done a lot of the footwork for you by trying and not being very successful trying a few dozen different programs and systems to stop my knee clicking and pain and after those finally found one that really did work well. Of course the what you’re suffering from is knee clicking (or pain) so don’t be detoured by the name. The program that solved the issue for my is simply called – “Knee Injury Solution

What I Learned To Do

  • Stop Knee Clicking
  • Improve Knee Movement
  • Decrease All Knee Pain
  • Strengthen Your Knee Muscles
  • Increase Balance in Your Knee
  • The Basics of Joint Health

How to do all of these things for good not to mention. The program is
like a gym membership where you have to pay month after month, it’s a one time buy and you have lifetime access to the program for life and also get free updates every time there is a change. One thing that drew me in was the amount of content that you get with the program, more than the dozens of others I’ve tried. (I’ll through an image in of the pack of stuff you get too). In the Knee Injury Solution you’re going to learn a series of 9 simple exercises that help build your knee muscles back up, a fast 10 minute workout which you can do daily (and not to mention anywhere) that helps the knee get back to it’s natural STRONG state, great written guides which go deeper into the solution and some more goodies thrown in too which I liked. The program comes with a money back guarantee which is something you should ALWAYS look for as well, though it is just a $27.99 system haha.


If you are in the same situation I was and looking for help, just take a look at this system. This is the only one that worked for me and I’ve learned how to keep the knee clicking and pain away for good too. Check out the system here:

How to Stop Cold Weather Knee Pain

Cold Weather Knee Joint Pain Knee ClickingBefore I solved my knee pain and knee clicking issues I remember the cold times of the year being the WORST. Dry skin, stiff joints , sore muscles, BLAH! I thought I would come on today and write out some simple tips for taking care of your knee joints in the winter and cold air to stop pain and clicking. Of course this is all avoided and explained in the course I’ve been telling you guys about, but I wanted to give a little heads up on some simple and easy thing you can do as well. if you really haven’t heard about the system I used to stop my knee clicking and pain check it out here:

A Fix for Stiff Knees

When a joint starts to feel stiff it’s caused by inflammation. I’ve talked about inflammation a lot on the blog since it’s the number one cause of knee clicking and knee pain. All joint problems actually. The best and fastest way to relieve some of the pain and stiffness is to do simple exercises. I’ve written a great post about knee exercises which you can check out here:

Simple Diet Changes

The inflammation that cold weather causes is also (sometimes) easily sovled via simple diet changes and nutrition. Yes, there are really foods out there that have great anti-inflammatory effects that you can fit into your diet during the Winter months. Just like you use oil to lube up the parts in your car you can add more olive oil into your diet to do the same on your knee joints. Okay, maybe not directly…  but olive oil is a great anti-inflammatory food.

My Quick Trick

One trick that I would always use is the exact opposite of the problem, HEAT! Using a heating pad on your knee joints (and most joints) during the cold season is a great little trick to ease the pain after a long day at work or running around town in the cold dry air. And of course it just feels great!

Simple Knee Clicking Exercises

Knee Clicking ExercisesI wanted to share an some great new exercises that I’ve been trying. I think my wife first saw them on Dr Oz or one of those day time TV shows. Even if you’ve solved all of your knee clicking and joint pain issues it’s still very smart to keep your joint muscles built up and strong so you don’t have the same issues again. Most of these are exercises that you can do just at home or anywhere. If you have any type of exercise equipment (especially an exercise/stationary bike) it will be extremely helpful for these.

Stationary Bike (See?)

I really enjoy doing this one myself since I can be watching a movie on Netflix, TV, playing a game or what ever. I usually try to go for about an hour without breaks. If you have something to keep you entertained like I listed this will go by faster than you think.

Wall Pushups

This one will really give you a great workout since you are using almost 100% of your leg muscles to lift yourself and some in your back as well. What you do is lay back on the floor up against the wall. Place your feet on the wall and begin to lift your body off the floor by pushing away from the wall. This is a great strength exercise your can do any where.

Straight Lifts

Here’s another simple one. While standing and watching TV or what ever you choose, begin to lower then lift yourself using only your legs. I try to do this about 60-80 times depending on what you can take and feel comfortable with. Try to keep your back completely straight while doing these to make sure the lifting in solely on your legs and knee joint muscles.

Basic Stretching

The best stretches to do for your knee muscles and joints is also one of the simplest. Sit on the floor with your legs completely straight in a V-formation and just hold that position for as long as you can. You will really feel when you’re done with this one. This is another one that can be done anywhere and that you should try and do at least once a day, maybe in the morning to help get yourself moving.

Here’s a great YouTube video I found that also links to some other exercises at the end:

YouTube Preview Image

Knee Clicking – Some More Causes

Knee Clicking

Knee clicking can be a normal problem or a very serious problem. The clicking can be your body trying to tell you something. It could also be that your body is eliminating trapped air in the knee region. There are not many parts of your body that are ever completely flushed or pressed against each other. When the air becomes trapped, your body will need to eliminate it. For this reason, knee clicking can be the result of removal of this air through friction and pressure within the body. This is a natural thing and does not mean that harm is occurring to your body. It may just be that extra air has worked itself into the knee area of the body. This also happens in other joints in your body.


The Best Solution I’ve Found:


If may be a problem if you hear a knee clicking or popping sound more like a crackle or grinding. This may mean that you have two or more bones within the knee area grinding upon one another. This can not only be painful, it can cause knee and mobility issues in the future. If your knee continues to grind you can actually see bone fragments tear off and free float in the body as well as see bone loss as a result of the scraping. This is why you should not only listen for knee clicking but how the knee clicks in order to understand what you may need to be aware of.

Knee Clicking From Arthritis

Knee ClickingAs you know from my other posts, knee clicking is mainly caused by inflammation. What many people don’t know is that joint inflammation is most commonly referred to as Arthritis! Any simple research will tell you that There are over 100 different types of Arthritis that you can be affected by and it’s not always all joints either. Actually Arthritis, another cause of knee clicking can be toned down so that it’s next to unnoticeable with the right routine of exercises. has some more great information to check out on what exactly causes Arthritis, how to help treat it and even some options to help in the fight to end it. Of course there is the Wiki page for some straight forward facts too:

I don’t have any type of Arthritis myself, but my wife does suffer from Arthritis slightly in her hand and elbow joints. She has as long as I can remember so I know the type of pain and inconvenience it can cause. Cracking, clicking and severe side-effects like that have not affected her one bit unlike it has myself, but as a preventative action my wife does follow the same program as myself.

Easy Runner’s Knee Solution

Knee Clicking

Women with typical knee wrap for pain and support

One possible cause of knee clicking is a condition called runners knee. Your knee cap, or patella, could be tracking improperly in the groove of your femur. The femur, the upper leg bone and the tibia, the lower leg bone, along with the patella your knee bone slide along one other when you bend your knee.  The patella allows the quadricep muscles in your leg to attach to the tibia below and protects your knee and maximizes the force you can generate.  Your quads and IT band, which helps to stabilize the patella keep your knee cap in the proper groove between your femur and tibia. Your patella has the most contact with your femur and tibia at around 45 degrees, this is likely when you will hear the knee clicking noise.

The Best Solution for Runner’s Knee That Worked For Me

There are a few exercises you can do if you have runners knee. Sometimes there is weakness in another part of the body that causes knee pain, such as at the hips, which is a very common area of weakness for runners. You can start with exercises to help strengthen your hips, pelvis, and glutes. You can try some side lying leg lifts, clam exercises or the fire hydrant exercise while you are on all fours.

Here’s a Great Video About Runner’s Knee

YouTube Preview Image

Knee Clicking Due to Injury

Knee Clicking

Diagram of knee muscles

Often times knee clicking starts after a serous knee injury or sometimes even something simple like twisting your leg the wrong way. When knee clicking is due to injury it is usually because of micro tares in the surrounding muscles including the large tendon that supports the knee joint. The diagram on the left is a great image showing the different parts of the knee that can be affected – Click the image to view a larger version with details. These type of tares usually repair themselves pretty easily because it has to do with your muscles which always repair and it’s not being caused by cartilage breakdown with age or poor diet. If you remember twisting your leg in a strange way or know of an injury this isn’t something to worry about. See my later post on what to actually look out for and what will NOT repair neutrally - More Causes of Knee Clicking - Knee Clicking – What Exactly Does That Mean?

Hope this post helps and maybe gives some relief if you know what the problem is now!

More Causes of Knee Clicking

What else causes knee clicking?

Knee clicking and instability can be associated with weak thigh muscles. You can add extra support to your knees by doing exercises to strengthen the hamstrings on the back of the thigh, quadriceps on the front of the thigh, and stretching exercises for the IT or iliotibial band, to relieve tension that may be pulling the knee to the side. This IT band is made of fibrous and runs along the outer thigh and slightly past the knee.

Knee Clicking

ITB band diagram

Strengthening  the hamstring muscle on the back of the thigh helps if the quadriceps are much stronger than than the hamstrings which could cause a muscle imbalance causing knee pain.  Strengthening exercises  and contractions will make the hamstrings stronger. Tension in the IT band tends to pull the knee outward. Exercising the IT band will make it stronger and more flexible to better support the knee.  To make the quadricep muscles stronger, use exercises that cause static contraction and leg extension. 

 To prevent a lot of knee problems from arising in the future it’s amazingly helpful to do regular routine exercises to make the knee muscles stronger. Believe it or not this it self can prevent future issues of knee clicking and pain.

 Here are some simple knee exercises to try at home to strengthen your knee muscles

YouTube Preview Image

Why Knee Surgery is BAD and PAINFUL

Knee Clicking

X-Ray of metal knee replacement

Everyone has that relative, friend, co-worker or neighbor who always tells you the stories about their knee surgery or why they need to have surgery again. We’ve all had to sit through that at the thanksgiving table with uncle Bob rolling his eyes right? This is the type of surgery you hear about more than any other right? It usually involves pain too, whether it’s physical, mental or just plain irritating due to all the trouble involved.

The image to the top left is an x-ray image of the knee after typical partial knee replacement surgery which is very common. Much more than a full knee replacement surgery. It obviously looks very un-natural and machine like. Knee surgery, believe it or not, can cause much more pain and trouble than before you go in. It’s a long complicated process no matter how simple and easy your doctor has made it sound to you…

Knee Clicking

Painful bloody knee surgery shot

The image below on the right shows the process of a typical partial knee surgery like you saw in the post-op pic above. It’s bloody, sometimes painful during the surgery, long, complicated and extremely risky. I hate to see people go through this pain when it’s so easy to fix all of these issues including knee clicking and knee pain so easily… There are also exercises that can be done to make the pain easier. I’m going to show you the best things to do on this blog.


Knee Clicking – What Exactly Does That Mean?

What knee clicking sounds like – [VIDEO]

I’m assuming a lot of you hear this every day since you’re reading this blog.

If you’ve come to this blog and you’re not sure if it’s actually about the problem you have (or hearing)? The video above is what knee clicking sounds like. This is a problem that more people experience than you may think. It’s not something that all people complain about because pain is not always involved, but no matter what it will cause pain if not taken care of especially early when it starts and you first notice it. So what exactly causes these type of sounds? Understanding what causes this sound is actually pretty simple to understand. It can be a few different things.

When the cartilage in the knee is broken down which can be due to age, injury, intense twisting and even just knee age. The images below show the difference between the normal state of the knee and a badly damage  knee with the knee cartilage torn in one area.


Knee Clicking

Knee Cartilage Before


Knee Clicking


YouTube Preview Image

I hope what I write on this blog will be of use to you and you can get the knee clicking issue and the pain problem solved!